Lord of the Flies Web Quest


Done By: Andri Syahiran, Jim Seah, Franklin Lee


Welcome to this Lord of the Flies Webquest! The aim of this Webquest is to assist readers in understanding this literary masterpiece at a much deeper level, emphasising on the many forms of symbolism found within the book. This is targeted at people who have already read the book and would like to take their understanding of the symbolism in it beneath the surface level.

About the Book

Golding, the author of Lord of The Flies, joined the Royal Navy in 1940 and was involved in World War II. After the war, he became a teacher and wrote books during his time as a teacher. Having participated in the war, Golding experienced firsthand the savage and barbaric nature of humans in desperate times of trouble and conflict. Men were mercilessly killed in millions in war and he wanted to express this uncivilised side of Man through a story, which brings us to Lord of The Flies. It was first published in 1954.

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